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Mountain Discovery Charter - Bryson City, North Carolina - Public School District

Phone - 828-488-1222
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Mountain Discovery Charter School District

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Mountain Discovery Charter Reviews

from: Vanina K. | submitted: Jun 02, 2011
Fails to deliver! Poor instruction and oversight of students. Middle school science and language arts are a complete joke. Teachers are defensive if you dare question them. Beware of the behavior guy and the Director's anger problems.

from: Lupi Cruzado | submitted: Mar 28, 2011
MDCS is a great school. Always has been, always will be. The other review is fake (not a real person). People are struggling right now and the worst thing one can do is fall into a negative trap. The staff at MDCS is dedicated to the whole child. If you want your kid to be a number, but with a brand new text book, go for it, Hoss. I find it cowardly to insult hardworking people on the internet just because you're out of work or the wife doesn't kiss you anymore. This school started with nothing and has weathered some rough times. However, it's a great place for kids, but maybe not for deranged parents. Anonymous slander on the internet is weak. The principal is strong, the board is strong, my kids are happy and MDCS is going great. My kids love Mr. Carter! The school wants parent involvement not a parent soap opera. Shame on you for saying bad things about my children's school! Look at the example you set. For the children's sake, you should play it fair and not lie on the internet.

from: Karl Haute | submitted: Feb 19, 2011
Stay Away! A bad school. We were so disappointed. Our child was scared of the behavioral intervention guy. The Director is rude and the middle school science teacher is incompetent and ineffective. This place should be shut down.

Mountain Discovery Charter School District Data
County of Location: Swain
Number of Schools in This District: 1
Student/Teacher ratio: 10.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 82
Total Males: 41
Total Females: 41
American Indian Students: 7
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 0
African Americans: 3
Hispanic: 0
White: 72
Total Staff: 18
Fulltime Teachers: 10
Ungraded Teachers: 0
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 0
Kindergarten Teachers: 1
Elementary Teachers: 7
Secondary Teachers: 2
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 0
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 0
Total Guidance Counselors: 0
LEA Administrators: 0
School Administrators: 2
LEA Admin Support Staff: 1
School Admin Support Staff: 1
Student Support Services Staff: 1
Other Support Staff: 0
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 0
Instructional Aides - Total: 3
Instructional Coordinators: 0

Mountain Discovery Charter School District Headquarters Map