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Greene County Schools - Snow Hill, North Carolina - Public School District

Phone - 252-747-3425
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Greene County Schools School District

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Greene County Schools Reviews

from: Evelyn Dove | submitted: Oct 22, 2009
One of my friends from Greensboro visited Greene County Schools to evaluate several student teachers. When we met for dinner, she said she was quite impressed by the school district. She has worked at two universities, and she ranked the quality of education she witnessed in GCS as exceptional. I was proud and wanted to pass this compliment on to the Superintendent and Board.

Greene County Schools School District Data
County of Location: Greene
Number of Schools in This District: 4
Student/Teacher ratio: 14.1
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 3,250
Total Males: 1,718
Total Females: 1,532
American Indian Students: 0
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 9
African Americans: 1,654
Hispanic: 481
White: 1,106
Total Staff: 487
Fulltime Teachers: 247
Ungraded Teachers: 28
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 5
Kindergarten Teachers: 14
Elementary Teachers: 92
Secondary Teachers: 108
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 7
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 4
Total Guidance Counselors: 11
LEA Administrators: 9
School Administrators: 11
LEA Admin Support Staff: 10
School Admin Support Staff: 18
Student Support Services Staff: 11
Other Support Staff: 80
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 4
Instructional Aides - Total: 86
Instructional Coordinators: 0

Greene County Schools School District Headquarters Map